Youth Entrepreneurs in Europe

Start: 01-08-2020 - End: 28-02-2021

Project Reference: 2020-2-DE04-KA105-019700


The main aim of the project is to educate, empower and improve competencies of young people on entrepreneurship through non-formal education as a way to combat youth unemployment and promote active participation in democratic life and the labour market in participating countries.

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Be a Youth Worker

Start: 01-08-2020 - End: 31-01-2021

Project Reference: 2020-2-DE04-KA105-019865


This project is a mix of beginners on one side and experienced partners on the other, on the basis of which we strive for the first to gain, and for a second to improve their non-formal skills and knowledge. The project seeks to increase the capacity of new NG organizations, including itself, by developing knowledge and improving skills in the field of informal methodology and education. 

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Youth Activism

Start: 01-01-2021 - End: 31-10-2021

Project Reference: 2020-3-DE04-KA105-020595


The project will support the active participation of young people in public/social life, encourage their involvement and participation in political, economic and social life by promoting European citizenship, European identity, European values and active participation.

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